"This necklace is basically the necklace of my dreams. I love it so much."

— Ali C, Boston

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 FIERCE female 


 What's your favorite F word?

Funding is a word many

entrepreneurs are afraid of: How to raise it, where to get it; it stops a lot of aspiring businesspeople from achieving their goals.

Randi's accomplishments run aplenty — yet every day is tackled methodically, and to her own tune (preferably a show tune). This is how Randi Zuckerberg, author, Tony Award-winner, founder of Zuckerberg Institute, plus her latest project Broadway Beta Ventures — the list, we promise you, does not end there — dances through life. She understands the unrealistic expectations of “having it all,” and has forged her own path to become the best version of herself every day. Up ahead, you’ll see why we were taking avid notes throughout our interview, and why we left wishing our chat wouldn’t end. Because Zuckerberg isn’t just a fiercely accomplished female, she’s proof that hard work, and being the truest, most authentic version of yourself, is what really pays off in the end. 

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next for women to reach their full potential?
Randi: “Rule 1 is to stop competing against each other and help one another instead. There’s plenty to go around. Unfortunately, a lot of times it doesn’t feel this way so I like to help women learn how to network and meet like-minded ladies who can inspire, encourage and offer mentorship, like I do with Zuckerberg Institute. You never know who has an opportunity waiting.”

TAJ: As a woman in business you're always meeting new people across all backgrounds and industries, how does getting dressed play a part in your day-to-day?
Randi: “Anyone who’s ever scrolled through my Instagram feed knows that I thematically show up to every occasion. Whether it’s wearing a science-y outfit to a launch of our family-friendly, STEM-themed pop-up restaurant, Sue’s Tech Kitchen, or bringing an actual playable piano purse to a Broadway musical, fashion is my favorite way to break the ice and meet new people.”

TAJ: What's the best way for a woman to own her individuality?

Randi: “In every one of my keynote speeches I go hard on the importance of personal branding. Who you are is your brand.  I emphasize that fact by living it as an example. For instance, I sing during my speeches and fully embrace my inner and outer musical nerd dorkiness, so my personal brand is “awkward”—and it works! "

Rules I break:

Oh my goodness, if it weren’t for breaking the rules and norms of what society wanted for me I wouldn’t be close to where I am today.

I left a successful career. I put my company on hold to follow my dreams of singing on Broadway, and did so with Rock of Ages, when I was 5 months pregnant. 

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?
Randi: “That's a really great idea!”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Randi: “Fierce is being in control of your decisions. It’s speaking up and speaking out when things need to change. Fierce is living life the way you want it to look, not how others think it should look. And fierce is being 100% unapologetic about who you are."

TAJ: Advice for other Fierce Females?
Randi:Relentless passion (and a little bit of pivoting) always pays off.  Don’t let failures sway you from your goals. Failing is a way of helping you grow. To get what you want in life, there is always failure. If you take each failure as a chance to reinvent another way to get what you want, you’ll get there faster that allowing setbacks to get you down.”

TAJ: What kind of accessories do you love? How do accessories make you feel?

Randi: “I’m a sucker for statement-themed purses. It’s amazing how such a small accessory can make such a big statement. At the Tony Awards I brought a one-of-a-kind Oklahoma and Hadestown clutch. It should’ve received its own award for how much attention it got! I can showcase my whimsical personality without ever saying a word!


TAJ: We say accessories are like the modern girls' armor. Put them on and your super powers come alive. What are your super powers?
Randi: “Faster than a speeding bullet (and the TSA lines at JFK), I can fall asleep fast—anywhere anytime. They call me QUICKSLEEPER."

TAJ: If there's one thing people take away after meeting you, what do you hope that is?

Randi: “I can do this!" 

TAJ: Lipstick or gloss?

Randi: “Shiny, sparkly, glittery lip gloss!"

TAJ: We always say the world is bursting with talent - so we travel to every corner in search of new talented designers. New York is bursting with energy, events, and things to do. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite restaurant to go to?
Randi: “I could watch a Broadway play every day of the year, twice on Leap Day, and still never get bored! The creativity, imagination and incredible talent that are poured into every show is incredible to witness. I can’t recommend the Great White Way (and supporting the arts) enough.”


A true connector and supporter of women, Randi brings the entire Fierce Female crew together in celebration:

Pictured: Andrea Siegel co-founder The Accessory Junkie, Katya Libin co-founder Heymama, Michelle Waugh Founder Michelle Waugh, Marika Frumes Founder HER USA

WOMEN IN TRENCHES: Special thanks to NYC designer and Fierce Female Michelle Waugh for our favorite trench coats of the season. Randi wears the Randi Earring from Fall 2019 (yes, totally named after her!)